Saturday, June 7, 2014

Roselle Honofre's Reading List

Here are the list of the books I've already read or listened to as of date.  I excluded books that I already started reading.  Nevertheless, this is a growing list.

Total Books Read/Listened To:  43
     2015 -  19
     2014 -   6
     2013 - 18

1.  How to Use a Journal by Jim Rohn
2.  How to Have Your Best Year Ever by Jim Rohn

1.  The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
2.  Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It by Kamal Ravikant
3.  The Miracle of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy
4.  How To Be Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps) by Jessica Hagy
5.  The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli
6.  Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?  At Iba Pang Technique Kung Paano Makaka-Move On sa Wasak na Puso by Ramon Bautista

2013 and Earlier

1.    Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
2.    Cash Flow Quadrant:  Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom by Robert Kiyosaki
3.    The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo
4.    Something to Smile About by Zig Ziglar
5.    Till Debt Do Us Part by Chinkee Tan
6.    Effective Time Management:  How to Save Time and Spend it Wisely by John Adair
7.    101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions by Ron Fry
8.    Outliers:  The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell
9.    Your First Job: A Practical Guide to Success by Nelson Dy
10.  Rumors (Sweet Valley High #37)  by Francine Pascal
11.  Kokology:  More of the Game of Self-Discovery by Tadahiko Nagao
12.  The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard
13.  Use your Head by Tony Buzan
14.  Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk
15.  Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
16.  Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin:  How to manage your money so God will entrust you with more
17.  The Wakefield Legacy:  The Untold Story (Sweet Valley High Magna Editions #2)
18.  Something to Smile About:  Encouragement and Inspiration for Life's Ups and Downs by Zig Ziglar

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