Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Eat Books for Breakfast

I was a morning person.  But when I started working a 2pm-10pm shift, my body clock changed.  I woke up at around 10am.  Then I would eat my brunch.  I had no time for breakfast.  Same goes with my love for reading books, it changed.  After I passed the Board Exam, I stopped reading.  Of course, I still read but not the genre of books I used to read.  I used to eat books for breakfast.

Before, I read fiction.  I read 400+ pages book in one sitting.  I used to read a lot of children books.  I even read some Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University series.  I used to read adventure books where options were given, i.e. if you want to go to this place, go to page 48 or if you want to open this door, go to page 57.

Books have been a big part of my life.  If only I could count the number of hours I spent reading them, I would.  Books became my stress-reliever and silent partner.  It takes me to a place where I can dream, like nothing is impossible.

In my first book review I mentioned that I'm on a journey of finding who I am and what I want.  Every time I'm lost, I find myself holding a book.  Sometimes, I go to the bookstore not knowing I already spent two hours browsing books.

I love books.  I still do.  This is me embracing a part of me.  And from now on, I'll always eat books for breakfast.

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